SQL Recovery 7.0

SQL Recovery Tool - A Technologically Skilled Solution

  • Recover database affected by any type of corruption.
  • Restore all elements like; keys, objects, tables, etc.
  • No data loss from the respective database is caused.
  • Tool Fetches SQL Server Name while Exporting to SQL Server Database
  • Error based corruption is also resolved by the tool.
  • Supports 2016/14/12/08 and Below SQL Server Primary MDF File
  • SQL Recovery Tool supports ASCII & Unicode XML datatype
  • Support to all SQL Server application editions offered.

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Version 7.0

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SQL Recovery Tool With Smart Features


SQL Database Recovery

Repair MDF Files

Database corrupt or has lost its integrity can be repaired successfully as the tool is capable of recovering database from all sorts of damage and corruption.

MDF File Repair Tool

Restore Component

The entire components stored in a database like; objects, tables, stored procedures, views, keys, values, etc are recovered with guaranteed and no limitations.

Varied Scans

Varied Scans

The SQL database recovery tool offers two types of scans i.e. Quick Scan and Advanced Scan for scanning and loading the chosen Master Database File on software.



Along with MDF file repair & recovery, the software also provisions scanning and recovery NDF & LDF i.e. Secondary Database File and Log Database File respectively.

Detect NDF

Detect NDF

NDF files can either be manually located and loaded on SQL Recovery tool in multiple amount or auto detect option can be selected to let tool detect the file.

Export As Script

Export As Script

The recovered MDF can be exported as SQL Server compatible script file in case SQL Server is not available and database structure has to be maintained.

Export To SQL Server Database

Save As Database

However, if SQL Server is available the recovered Master Database File can be exported as SQL Server Database file to directly save the file on Server.

Schema And Data

Schema And Data

Schema or Schema and Data option can be chosen to save only the Schema for chosen tables/views, etc or Schema and Data both for selected tables respectively.

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SQL Recovery Tool is a database savior during bad times of SQL databases; with simple steps added within tool. I enjoyed the recovery process of SQL files along with rendered attributes. Best MDF File Repair tool!!


During corruption issues when SQL database moves to inaccessible manner then, SQL Database Recovery Tool plays the role of very powerful application. I am saying all that because, I have experienced the worth personally.


During last 20 years of my career in database management, I never found such a fantabulous tool that works with such an accuracy. This software works very efficiently guaranteeing the lossless recovery of MDF file data.


This SQL database recovery tool excels in recovering the deleted data too. I was very much surprised to see th level of accuracy and expert mechanism that exists in the tool. Complete data stored in database was recovered within seconds.