The ORDER for purchase of software is processed through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection and the communication done including data entered is encrypted and transmitted via secure connection. Email sent by or on behalf of through payment gateway on purchase of software product online holds link of full version and key for product activation.

Demo Version Highly Recommended

The products are developed considering investigation prospective and have been tested with data tampering cases like data recovery, conversion, etc. where 99.9% output results were successful. Though users must be responsive with some exceptional cases where products might not give estimated or anticipated results. There are several other cases/conditions where the output can be irrecoverable and product can act differently. Hence, trial demo version of the product is highly recommended in order to try the specimen on trial version to check condition of data files and System Requirements. We hope our users will co-operate and prefer to download trial version of product.

Guidelines for Refund:

The client/user has complete rights to request for refund within 30 days from date of purchase if the case falls under following conditions;

  • The purchase procedure must be done through or authorized re-seller.
  • is not responsible for any following conditions:
    • Any misplaced or misdirected email.
    • User-side delays in downloading or communications.
    • Delay because of any other unpredictable factor.
    • E-mail marked as SPAM by email client of the user/client or by server.
    • After purchase client didn't require the software application.
    • Product was done accidentally and now client want its removal from system.
    • Client is having issues to access the product due to system requirement inadequacy.
  • Refund is possible in below mentioned conditions only:
    • In case Client was able to perform operation with demo version but the functionality was not available in licensed version.
    • If technical support team fails to guide the client in resolving the problem with the product.
  • Any type of misinterpretation by client or user through promotional documentation of product by will not be our responsibility.
  • Refund process will be confirmed only when an email with signed "Letter of Destruction" is received by the client within 30 days from date of purchase.
  • In case full license version of the product works but not completely we will go for an alternative solution instead of refund.
  • Support team can be contacted in case the software product fails to execute operations which are claimed to be done. Technical support team experts will analyze the situation and suggest a solution over the issue. In case the problem is still not solved, then the refund will be made.
  • Refund Is Not Possible Under Following Cases:
    • In case of Software failure some files may be asked to be uploaded to our FTP. If client or user denies uploading files on our FTP the refund policy is not valid.
    • If client purchased our product without testing the free trial version and evaluating it, the refund for the product will not be given.
    • Request for money back is done after 30 days of purchase.