Add Watermark to PDF 1.0

Authorize PDF Files With Text And Image Watermarking

  • PDF watermarking is feasible using text and images.
  • An easily operable user end ensures smooth performance.
  • No compromise done with the technicalities required.
  • Batch watermarking of PDF documents is executable.
  • Align watermark position as per the requirement.

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Version 1.0

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Add Watermark To PDF With Full Precision


PDF watermark software

Text Watermark

There is facility to insert text watermarking on the chosen PDF file i.e. provide a specific text with which the software will add watermark to PDF document.

insert watermark in PDF

Windows Support

This PDF Watermark application is a Windows Genuine watermarking utility that supports all the OS editions successfully and functions smoothly on them.

apply image watermark

Image Watermark

PDF watermark software owns the capability of even using images of the user's choice for watermarking Portable Document Format files for image based watermarking.

multiple pdf file

Multiple Files

Using PDF watermarking program it is possible to process multiple number of PDF files of your choice from to watermark them for availing authorization on them.

insert watermark in PDF

Add PDF Folder

The tool not only capably adds multiple files at a time but is also proficient enough to add an entire folder of PDF files on the software for add watermark to PDF document.

alignment setting

Align Watermark

There is even provision that allows setting alignment of the watermark position on the top horizontal, right vertical, bottom left to top right, etc on the PDF.

set transparency level


The transparency level of image used for watermarking can also be adjusted as the requirement i.e. 20%, 60%, 80%, etc to see through content of the file.

add watermark to pdf

Image Support

This user friendly yet technically sound PDF watermark software supports a variety of image formats to perform image watermarking like; BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG.

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I tried out various free online tools for watermarking but trust me, they were a complete waste. Customizing the watermark in terms of transparency, size, color etc. can be done brilliantly with this PDF watermark tool and that too at such a reasonable price.


A huge thanks for making watermarking in batch so convenient. Now using PDF watermark software, I can add text watermark to the Adobe files just the way I want. Alignment, color, font size, and transparency help in quick customization of watermark.

PeytonVetican City

We need to insert watermark in PDF that has 200 pages, that too within a minute and the credit holder of this swift processing is this PDF Watermark tool. Our employees use this application on varied Windows OS and it works perfectly well.


Online tools are definitely not my choice because I have to watermark my PDF files with confidential data. This PDF watermark tool ensures security along with efficiency which is a superb quality. Add watermark to PDF documents is too easy using this too.

JanelleSouth Sudan