Hard Drive Recovery Tool

Broaden Knowledge For Hard Drive Data Recovery Software
Open Hard Disk

Easy steps for the working with hard drive recovery software helps user to recover deleted, formatted and corrupted hard drive data from hard disk. With the help of these steps user can easily understand the software steps for completing the process of data recovery.

Step 1: Download and install the SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery software. Run it from your system by going to Start Menu » All Programs » SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery Software.

Select Hard Drive

Step 2: Click on "Scan Disk" option which is displayed on screen of the software. This option will scan all storage devices which are attached to the system.

Select and Scan Partition

Step 3: Select partition and hit Scan button.

Recover Partition

Step 4: View complete Scanning progress report

Scanning Partition

Step 5: View complete Scanning progress report

Step 6
Scanning Report

Step 6: Select folder from left panel and view complete data in right panel of software. It also provides Item Count.

Step 7
Search for File Type

Step 7: View entire data from selected folder. The deleted files are marked red.

Step 8
Preview Selected File

Step 8: Now, Select those files or folder you want to recover and Click on Save to start saving selected files.

Step 9
Extract Selected Folder

Step 9: Select the location from the Browse for Folder window that appears and then, Click on OK to start Export Process.

Step 10
Extract Selected Files

Step 10: The software will now start the process.

Step 11
Select Saving Location

Step 11: You can view final exported files at the destination location, As shown below: