Google Apps Backup 3.0

Google Apps Forensic – Download Google Apps Data on Hard Disk

  • Three Different Options to take Domain/Account Credentials.
  • Delete Emails After Downloading them on Local Machine.
  • Contacts conversion to vCard and Calendars to ICS Format.
  • Filter Options to Convert Emails of a Specific Time Interval.
  • Documents can be Bought to Machine in Latest File Format.

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Version 3.0

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Attributes to Create Google Apps Backup


Hierarchy of Folders

Hierarchy of Folders

Using this Google Apps forensic tool when mails are downloaded on local machine, it is ensured that hierarchy of folders is maintained for managed results.

google apps email backup tool

Single User Backup

When this option to backup Google Apps user account is opted, tool inquires about the user name and respective password (helpful for single user data download).

Google Apps Forensic Tool

Import From CSV

This way of providing user credentials is helpful when the username and password of multiple users are saved in CSV file (Double click password to exclude user).

Import from Server

Import From Server

To bring Google Apps Account data from cloud to machine, account details are directly fetched from the Server. Most convenient option is multiple user backup creation.

Email Backup Option

Email Backup Options

To make backup of Google Apps email, the messages can be saved as PST, EML and MBOX. Mails of selected interval can be downloaded to hard drive.

Contacts to vCard

Contacts to vCard

The contacts of Google Apps can be saved in vCard. For every contact, software creates individual vCard VCF file that can be accessed in supportive application.

Documents on Disk

Documents on Disk

All the documents in Google Apps user account, be it Word files, PowerPoint presentations, Excel file can be saved in their latest supported file format.

google apps email backup tool

Calendars as ICS

The solution to export Google Apps suite to local drive saves the calendar evidences to ICS file that can be opened in Outlook, Google Calendar and others.

This Is What Keeps Us Going!


I had completely depended on the Google App Forensic tool for creating all my Google Apps Backup and also I loved the facility of removing the downloaded emails from Server that helped me get more storage space. The tool is really a great utility for analyzing stored data.


I am quite satisfied with the Google Apps Email Backup tool as the latest revision of documents were downloaded and calendars in ICS format which I can also access on my iPhone. The software really works great and has simple but effective user interface. The performance is absolutely fine.


The most helpful and effective feature of the Google Apps Email Backup tool is that while exporting and saving the data on a local drive, all the data available within the calendars get saved to ICS file format. This resultant ICS file can be easily viewed in Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendars, etc.


The Google Apps forensic tool saves the contact data of Google Apps into vCard VCF file format. This provides a flexible option to get all the contact data retrieved from any supported application. As I am a Forensicator, this feature has always helped to keep an account of all the such evidence collected and stored.