About Us

About Us

E–Discovery Software Solutions has ascended as a prestigious and an industry leader in the expansive domain of digital investigative solutions. The cornucopia of software solutions built on e–discovery platform comprise of forensic e-discovery tools, cloud based solutions, mobile app examiner solutions and many more. The plethora of products strive to extend support to the forensic lab managers, scientists, legal professionals, experts, legal advisors, and dignitaries working in various law enforcement agencies that work either on a local or a global level.

Our Partner

The brand has enhanced its prominence in a short span of time period owing to its association with SysTools Group, a pioneer in providing forensically-sound solutions for effective litigation discoveries. E-Discovery Software Solutions offers solutions that are a class apart. The organization team comprises of law enforcement personals, e-discovery specialists and experts with hand-on experiences in e-discovery domain.

Services And Support

The range of services provided from our end, aim to assist investigators and to lay out foundation for coherent and effective forensic investigations on a global level. The software are tailored to each and every need of the forensic experts who extend their expertise to perform investigation in crimes such as IP Theft, compliance auditing, organization scams and fiddling of national data. Be it PDF Forensics tool or tools for conducting search on mobile applications, we at E-Discovery Software Solutions, have left no stone unturned.

Our Vision

With an increase in the count of cybercrimes that are taking the form of a rapidly growing epidemic, we believe that with the combined assistance of our products and experts; we will help in wiping out cybercrime on a global level.

Our Mission

To continue our efforts directed towards the development of more e-discovery solutions in the near future for effective and unprecedented support to the domain of digital investigations.